Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Inspirational & Engraved Jewelry

Let's face it, we've all had times in our lives when we've been a little down in the dumps. It's the whole "stub your toe getting out of bed" syndrome, and the next thing you know your whole day is spiraling out of control and you can't do anything to stop it. Some say we manifest days like these on our own with negative thoughts that attract more negative thoughts. 
Others say, "Hey, it happens" (or insert another more colorful word)! But unless you are one of those irritatingly and constantly positive people that are never down about anything, you've at least once in your life encountered a depression so all-encompassing, it's hard to pull yourself out of it. There are many things you can do to get yourself out of a slump, it all depends on the person. Some people turn to prayer and faith. Some turn to inspirational quotes or proverbs.
Sometimes, it's nice to have a piece of jewelry that gives you a constant reminder of "faith" or "hope." Personally, I'm drawn to these pieces of engraved jewelry. I find that even on my best day, it's nice to wear something that conveys a particular meaning or philosophy. One of my favorite pieces of jewelry I've ever owned was a necklace. The pendant part of the necklace came in three parts that read like a book. The first silver circle read "Live," the second read "Laugh," and the third read "Love." A very simple, yet effective way to live ones life. The necklace always reminded me not to sweat the small things and to take everything in life with a sense of humor. Life is too short to get caught up in the little complications and trivialities. 
Alexandra is the Head of Marketing and Sales for Mademoiselle Jewelry - a company that was founded on the principal that jewelry is art. Mademoiselle Jewelry specializes in unique jewelry, sterling silver jewelry and designer jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is hand selected for quality, uniqueness, and creativity. Mademoiselle Jewelry also carries jewelry lines specifically designed for men and children.

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